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"I just wanted to thank you for making this site. I've been wanting it to exist for years!"
-- Dana A


"Thank you for creating such an awesome community where we can share, learn and collaborate!  This is amazing! "

-- Kimberly VanderLinden

“[YogaBlaze] is a great email newsletter. I look forward to receiving it every month. It is a great source of information on healthy living and I believe that yoga is an essential part of healthy living.”
–- Norm Charney, MD, JD -

"I'm in the process of moving back to the Seattle area from Boulder, CO. I was putting out a desire to be connected to a supportive yoga community that I can grow with, and my mom forwards this website to me. It's cool the community builders are getting creative and using all the resources. Great job on putting this together! Thank you, thank you. Teamwork is a beautiful thing."
-- Erik Timblin

"I have been so busy and haven't been practicing much but the newsletter reminds me I need to take the time. Keep up the good work-you are helping a lot of people."
-- Heather, YogaBlaze newsletter subscriber

"Yoga Blaze has been a great resource for me - I've found a lot of great ideas for weekend retreats and week long retreats/yoga vacations. The site has also been a great resource for learning about yoga styles and connecting with the Seattle yoga community and beyond. I am definitely a fan of Yoga Blaze. I have recommended the site to friends and will continue to do so. Thanks so much for creating this site."
-- Bobbi Ewing, yoga student

I want to thank you so much for bringing us YogaBlaze! It is an amazing online community and w're so fortunate to have it in Seattle.
-- Terri Finn,

I'm new to yoga, having only been practicing for a little over a year, but I just want to thank you for your informative newsletter. I had no idea there was such a large yoga community in Seattle. You have opened my eyes to some completely new experiences, and I plan on attending a lot of the inspiring workshops I see offered. I never would have known about these without thanks again!
-- Wendy, in Spokane!

“Wow, what a great site. I woke up very early this a.m. and your site gave me the warmest and hopeful feeling for the day.”
--Christine in Liberty Lake

"Thank you for starting this wonderful forum. I feel an immediate connection to the yoga tribe in Seattle. I can't wait to research more the acroyoga scene. I really enjoyed the alphabetized yoga styles, definitions and websites of studios in Seattle. The interview with you and Leif was informative and cozy, I felt like you were both in the room."
-- Jennifer Parsinen, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (student), upon moving from Hawaii to Seattle

"This is great! What a fantastic service you are providing the Seattle Yoga community."
~ Jodi Boone, Yoga Teacher

“Your website is awesome! This is a much needed resource, and one that I have frequently sought out and not found when looking to take a yoga class. Thank you thank you thank you for creating this. I look wholeheartedly forward to your newsletter."
~ Leif Tellmann, Dance Movement Therapist

“I’ve received great feedback. Several of my students had drifted off and upon seeing YogaBlaze are now ready to invite yoga back into their lives. Thanks for your vision & hard work!”
~ Sara Tharrington, Owner, Yoga Garden (Duvall) NEWS Member since September 2007

“Thanks for YogaBlaze! What a nice idea, and splendid information source. Much appreciated."
~ Jan Student @ The Yoga Tree (NEWS member since October 2007)

"YogaBlaze is a great opportunity to create community by offering a variety of body-mind-spirit resources as well as a comprehensive calendar of yoga-related events throughout Seattle. One website for all of this - thank you, Soleil!"
~ Lindsey Rosen, Psychotherapist, (Advertiser since November 2007)

"This newsletter is great - thank you!"
~ Craig English, author “Anxious to Please"

“Thanks for sending out Yoga Blaze; it provides a valuable resource for our yoga community and I look forward to using it regularly.”
~ Pat Cavit, Yogi @ University of Washington

"Thank you for the newsletter. It's packed with good stuff. Great information and very well rounded. I'm pleased to receive it."
~ Susan Roser

We'd love to hear from you - add your own testimonials as comments here!
Namaste, Soleil*


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