I am an independent yoga teacher living in West Seattle.
I would very much like to offer Yoga classes but do not want to be part of a studio.
I would like to use space that somene else has but does not use all the time. I am open to paying per use, a percentage of the fees I collect or any other idea that we can develop.
I see it as kind of a Use Of Space Co-Op. Is there anyone in my area that is doing this or would be interested in meeting to discuss this idea and take it further?
Any and all suggestion would be appreicated.

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Hi Milo - and any teachers on the Eastside.

There is a new space (as of April 2009) in Redmond / Bellevue (on Bel-Red) called Friends, Philosophy & Tea looking for a yoga teacher to fill there lovely new co-op space.

Contact Evelyn White for more info.

Please say you saw this on YogaBlaze! Thanks.
How do I get in touch with Evelyn White.? It might just be what I am looking for.
Not sure why Evie's email isn't working - it's passionateplayevie@yahoo.com
there are also some greeat gyms in West Seattle,
M'Illinium in Ravenna has space at times
as does Stone Healing Center
many massage businesses have side conference rooms which may be used for teaching.
Great idea..
Thanks for the tip.
Our organization offer space rental at great rates (we are a non-profit). We are also looking for yoga instructors to join our team on a subcontracted basis. We are located in Everett near Comcast Arena. If you would like a rental rate sheet or are interested in joining our team please visit our website: www.womenswellnesscenter.org and click on the contact us link to send me an email.

Best wishes,
Women's Wellness Center/Citrine Health
thank you for your response to my request. I am over 40 miles from your location so that is just to far to go. I wish that my area of West Seatle had something like that to offer.
good luck
Milo Minnis

Hello I joined YogaBlaze just half hour ago to post news about the Retreat facility I own

its a 10 bedrom log lodge on 10 acres, beautiful lodge and facility.

Please check out www.wallacefallslodge.com  and let me know if you would like to work with me on developing a regular 2 day retreat once a month from the lodge. 

email me at maryswanson1@msn.com or wallacefallslodge@gmail.com  

I used to teach at a lovely space with amazing character in Pioneer Square that is part of a collective of dancers, performers, and artists. Tim Summers tim@dancephotography.org is the contact. Tell him Jenny Zenner sent you.


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